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More Hentai Drawings Of Hamakaze From Kantai Collection

Hamakaze also makes her return in today’s second Kantai Collection gallery! She is a Kagerou Class Destroyer occupying card slots #170 and #358 within the mobile game. Her name means “beach wind” or “coastal wind”. Hamakaze was the first destroyer in the IJN to be fitted with a radar (Type 22). She help rescue some of Kongou’s survivors after Kongou was sunk on November 21st, 1944. Her last mission was to escort Yamato and attack the Allied forces in Okinawa. She was sunk in action on April 7th, 1945. In today’s second gallery, you will see thirty more hentai drawings of Hamakaze from Kantai Collection.


More Hentai Pictures Of Hamakaze From Kantai Collection

Today you will be getting a double dose of Kantai Collection hentai galleries! First up, the return of Hamakaze, the thirteenth ship of the Kagerou-class destroyers. She wears a short-sleeved white and blue button-up serafuku with a yellow scarf (similar to Yukikaze) on top of a Kagerou-class standard pleated skirt with black pantyhose under everything. On her back is her rigging. Like most of the Kagerou-class, she wears white gloves. She wields two pistol-like guns, one resembles the standard 12.7 cm twin gun, the other resembles an Anti-Air gun. In our first gallery of the day, you will see thirty more hentai drawings of Hamakaze from Kantai Collection.


A Kantai Collection Hentai Gallery Staring Hamakaze

We’re still feeling guilty about having not posted much Kantai Collection hentai lately. Do you think that by posting back to back Kantai Collection galleries is a good way to redeem ourselves? The series has plenty of firm tiny titties and soft big breasts for us to stare at for weeks on end. We felt that Hamakaze, in particular, deserved a gallery here on the blog. She is one of the bigger breasted characters from the series. Her name means “beach wind” or “coastal wind.” Doesn’t that name already have you imagining Hamakaze nude on the beach with the wind blowing through her hair? There is a mix of ecchi, hardcore, and titty fucking to gawk at in this selection of thirty images.


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