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Thirty More Haruna Sairenji To LOVE-Ru Hentai Drawings

Haruna Sairenji from To Love-Ru makes her return in today’s first gallery! She is in Rito’s class and is the girl of his affections. Haruna has similar feelings for him, having been attracted to him because of his kind, gentle nature since junior high, but believes them to be unrequited and has not built up the nerve to confess to him. Despite her growing love for Rito, her friendship with Lala causes her to suppress her feelings since she doesn’t want to hurt Lala who also loves Rito. However, with some encouragement, she eventually tells Lala of her feelings for Rito which Lala accepts, stating that Haruna is her rival for Rito’s heart, while still remaining friends. In today’s first gallery, you will see thirty more hentai drawings of Haruna Sairenji from the To LOVE-Ru series.


To LOVE-Ru Hentai Drawings Of Haruna Sairenji

Haruna Sairenji is the second major female protagonist in the To Love-Ru series. Haruna has average sized breasts, dark blue hair, and purple eyes. She is quite cute, has a soft complexion, and the object of most boys affection. She always wears a red vertical hair clip on the left of her head. Haruna’s measurements are B79-W56-H82. Despite being considered physically attractive for a girl her age, she often feels inferior being surrounded by girls like Lala and Yui, who are far more developed physically. In today’s second hentai gallery, you’ll see thirty images of Haruna Sairenji from the To LOVE-Ru series.


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