Thirty Lovesick Hentai Girls With Heart Eyes Expressions

Yes it’s true, we don’t have much content in our heart eyes category of our blog, but that’s something we’re going to be working on. Being in love can cause a person to behave strangely and irrationally, a tendency which is often exaggerated in television and film. Hearts are symbolized with positive emotions, such as love, kindness, and compassion. Within anime and hentai, heart eyes are typically used to portray a character feeling lovesick or lustful emotions. In today’s second gallery, you will see thirty more lovesick hentai girls with a heart eyes expression.


Thirty Horny Hentai Girls Showing Heart Eyes Expression

For animated characters, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Their eyes become their innermost thoughts projected in very clear symbols for all to see. In the world of anime, hentai, and manga it’s easy to tell when a girl is starting getting horny. The most common way for artists to visualize horniness is by changing the characters pupil shape from circular to hearts. Even if you’re just a casual anime fan, you’ve undoubtedly already seen heart eyes on multiple occasions as it’s one of the most commonly used tools to express the love and love sick emotions. In today’s second hentai gallery, you will see thirty horny and love sick girls displaying the popular heart eyes expression.


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