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More Hifumi Takimoto New Game Hentai Drawings

While not the main character of the franchise, most people consider Hifumi Takimoto to be the top tier waifu of the New Game series. She resides in Niigata and has been working in the Eagle Jump company for several years. Shy in real life, Hifumi becomes very lively and cheerful while text messaging, often using emoji in chat. She also secretly enjoys cosplay and is a big fan of the fictional Moon Ranger series that exists within the New Game universe. In today’s second gallery, you’ll see thirty more hentai drawings of Hifumi Takimoto from New Game.


New Game Hentai Drawings Featuring Hifumi Takimoto

Hifumi Takimoto is Aoba Suzukaze’s co-worker at Eagle Jump in the New Game franchise. She has long, dark purple hair that she usually ties up in a high-ponytail with a red ribbon clipped on. Her eyes are blue and her skin is quite pale due to being inside working all the time. She is especially shy to the point of avoiding talking to people or looking at them directly. As a result, in order to not make her feel uncomfortable, the other employees interact with her through the company’s computer messenger system. In today’s featured gallery, you’ll see thirty hentai drawings of Hifumi Takimoto from New Game.


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