Mumei From Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress Hentai Drawings

Mumei is the main female protagonist of the Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress anime series. She is a mysterious and anonymous girl whom later reveals herself to be a Kabaneri (a hybrid race of human/Kabane people). Mumei is a young girl with average breasts, short brown hair, and reddish-brown eyes. Her back is home to a large scar. When active, the scar glows a fiery yellow, in the same way that a Kabane’s body glows. Mumei generally acts much like a child and can sometimes be seen playing with toys. Even when fighting Kabane, Mumei treats any situation as though it is a game. In today’s gallery, you’ll be treated to thirty hentai images of Mumei from Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress.