Thirty Hentai Pics Of Lingyin Huang From Infinite Stratos

In today’s first gallery, we’ll be introducing you to Lingyin Huang from the Infinite Stratos series. Nicknamed Rin, Lingyin is a young teenage girl of Chinese descent. Compared to the other IS heroines, she is quite petite. She has light brown hair tied into twin tails, green eyes, and an exposed fang tooth. Lingyin Huang is depicted as a very energetic girl with a slight competitive streak. In her middle school year, Rin was usually the target for pranks due to her nationality. However, Ichika helped protect her from these situations. She can become extremely jealous when there are other girls around Ichika who are trying to get his attention, to the point of showing the stereotypical lifeless eyes of a “yandere” girlfriend. Take your time and enjoy these thirty sexy hentai drawings of Lingyin Huang in today’s first Infinite Stratos hentai gallery!