Hentai Pictures Of Machi Amayadori From Kuma Miko

Machi Amayadori is the main protagonist of anime and manga series Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear. She is a brunette haired and small chested 14-year-old Miko from a mountain shrine in a remote village. Machi wants to move to the big city to attend high school because she’s finding life in the rural area boring. She has never left the village in her entire life, nor has she ever made any human friends her age. Natsu is a talking bear who has lived with Machi since she was a child and tries his best to keep her out of trouble. He opposes Machi’s idea of leaving the town, fearing for her safety. In today’s hentai gallery, you will see thirty pictures of Machi Amayadori From Kuma Miko, enjoy!