Mako Reizei Hentai From Girls und Panzer

Once again, we find ourselves long overdue for new Girls und Panzer themed hentai galleries on our blog. We’ll today we’re going to remedy that problem with two GUP galleries, each introducing a new character to our blog! First up is Mako Reizei, the driver of the Anglerfish Team and one of the five main protagonists of Girls und Panzer overall. Mako is a second year student from Ooarai Girls Academy. Mako is a short girl with long, thick black hair with bangs and a white headband. She has dark hazel eyes. Mako is well known for her being moody, sometimes seem expressionless. In today’s first gallery, you’ll be treated to 30 hentai drawings of Mako Reizei from Girls und Panzer.