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Thirty More Misty Hentai Pictures From Pokemon

In today’s second hentai gallery, Misty from the Pokemon series makes her return! In the series, Misty is first seen wearing a yellow tank top with red suspenders and light blue denim shorts. Her shoes were colored red and white, with a yellow streak in the middle. Misty’s personality in the anime can be very complex at times. She can be very nice to her friends but will then quickly change moods in a short amount of time, particularly anger. She is quite proficient in anything having to do with water, as she can be seen in certain episodes where she has the ability in fishing, swimming, and overall Water Pokemon training.  In today’s second gallery, you will see thirty more hentai pictures of Misty from Pokemon!


Thirty More Hentai Pictures Featuring Pokemon's Misty

In this hentai gallery, Misty from the Pokemon series makes her first return appearance. She is undoubtedly the first anime character an entire generation of American youth first fapped to. Misty specializes mainly in Water-type Pokemon, which are her favorite type, but she’s had other types, and she also deeply admires Lorelei, an Ice-type Pokemon trainer. Misty aims to become a world-class trainer, and her well-trained Pokemon reflects her aspirations of becoming so. Her least favorite type of Pokemon is Bug-type Pokémon, as she has a deep-rooted fear of them, except for the kinds she sees as “cute” or “pretty”. In our second gallery of the day, you will be treated to 30 more hentai drawings of Misty from Pokemon… enjoy!


Thirty Pokemon Hentai Drawings Featuring Misty

Misty, known as Kasumi in Japan, is an aspiring Water Pokemon Master and a former traveling partner of Ash. Misty’s first appearance was in the very first episode of the anime series, Pokemon – I Choose You!. Misty has average breasts, reddish-orange hair tied into a side ponytail, and green eyes. She wears red suspenders, a yellow sleeveless tank top that shows her midriff, blue denim shorts that stop at her thighs, and red sneakers with yellow lining and white laces. Her whole midriff is showing, but her belly button is not usually drawn on. Misty has a slight inferiority complex, mostly due to her three older sisters Daisy, Lily, and Violet, who formed the group, “The Three Sensational Sisters“, and refer to Misty as the “runt” or “weaker one”. In our second gallery of the day you will be treated to 30 softcore and hardcore hentai drawings of Misty from Pokemon… enjoy!


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