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Thirty Hentai Pics Of Albedo From Overlord

Albedo is the Overseer of the Guardians from the Overlord series. She is in charge of the general management and supervises the activities of the seven Floor Guardians, meaning that she ranks above the other NPCs in Nazarick. An impeccable beauty, Albedo is a woman with lustrous jet-black hair and the face of a goddess. She has golden irises and vertically split pupils; on her left and right temples are two thick horns protruding crookedly, and on her waist are a pair of black angel wings. Extremely loyal and in love, Albedo is infatuated with Ainz as programmed by him, often showing obsessive tendencies when it comes to his affairs. In today’s second gallery, you will see thirty hentai pics of Albedo from Overlord.


Thirty Hentai Pics Of Shalltear Bloodfallen From Overlord

Shalltear Bloodfallen is a true vampire and a Floor Guardian from the Overlord series. Shalltear is of short stature and has the appearance of a buxom fourteen-year-old girl. Described as true beauty, she has pale shiny skin, seductive crimson-red eyes, and fine facial features. Shalltear has a very flirtatious personality and is open with her sexual preferences. So far, she has displayed a preference for necrophilia, sadomasochism, and bi-sexuality. Despite her apparent shamelessness and honesty, she can be quite innocent about certain things. Shalltear also happens to be quite perplexed about her petite figure, which she attempts to cover up by using breast pads. In today’s first gallery, you will see thirty hentai pics of Shalltear Bloodfallen from Overlord.


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