Thirty Hentai Pics Of Parsee Mizuhashi From Touhou Project

Parsee Mizuhashi from Touhou Project also makes her debut in today’s second gallery! Parsee first appeared as the stage 2 boss of Subterranean Animism. She harbors intense feelings of jealousy due to being despised. No matter what situation the other person may be in, she’ll always be jealous of it. Even if the other person is actually less fortunate, she will be jealous of the fact that they’re not jealous. In this way, her jealousy is quite irrational. This isn’t to say Parsee is actually unfortunate. If you were to talk to her directly, she would come off as completely normal – even a bit cheerful – but this masks the jealousy that she’s actually feeling, and afterwards she will end up despising you and talking behind your back. In today’s second gallery, you will see thirty hentai pics of Parsee Mizuhashi from Touhou Project.