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More Rin Kaenbyou Hentai From Touhou Project

Rin Kaenbyou from the Touhou Project series makes her return in today’s second gallery! Rin has an energetic, positive personality; she prefers to be called Orin, since she doesn’t like long names. She claims that while it is more fun to take on a pure cat form, she can’t talk to humans that way – nor does it seem she can do her job, carting corpses away, which she seems to take great pleasure in. Symposium of Post-mysticism states that she has no interest in killing humans herself to gain their corpses; she prefers to hunt for those on the verge of death, supposedly because it makes for more interesting conversation. In today’s second gallery, you will see 30 more hentai images of Rin Kaenbyou from Touhou Project.


Thirty Hentai Drawings Of Rin Kaenbyou From Touhou Project

Rin Kaenbyou is one of Satori Komeiji’s pets within the Touhou Project series. She is of the Kasha species, cat-like monsters which steals corpses during a funeral. Her job is to carry corpses to the former Hell of Blazing Fires to regulate its heat. Rin Kaenbyou has black cat ears and dark red eyes, with fiery red hair styled into twin braids and adorned by black ribbons. Like all Kasha’s, Rin also has the ability to control the evil spirits of Hell. In today’s first hentai gallery, you will see 30 naked and x-rated images of Rin Kaenbyou from Touhou Project.


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