Thirty Shinoa Hiiragi Hentai Pics From Seraph Of The End

Shinoa Hiiragi from the Seraph of the End series makes her debut in today’s first gallery! In the light novels, Shinoa is described as a short, adorable, and beautiful young girl with shoulder lengthened ashen hair same as Mahiru’s, and a large, dark pink bow at the end of a twisted braid. Guren describes her as having clear, piercing amber-red eyes that seemed to stare out at the world and skin so pale that it was almost transparent to her blood. Shinoa has a sarcastic, apathetic attitude and does not put much emotion into her words. She loves teasing others and is quite dry-humored. In today’s first gallery, you will see thirty sexy hentai pics of Shinoa Hiiragi from Seraph of the End!