Thirty Hentai Pictures Of Sina From The Pokemon Series

Sina is one of Professor Sycamore’s assistants who made her debut in Pokemon X and Y. She specializes in Ice-type Pokemon and keeps them in Ultra Balls. She often appears along with another Professor Sycamore assistant, Dexio. Sina and Dexio are first met by the player in Route 4 and they talk about Flabebe and the Fairy type. Sina talks about testing Fairy-type Pokemon against other types of Pokémon at Professor Sycamore’s request and promptly introduces herself. Sina later guides the player across Lumiose City to Professor Sycamore’s lab. Further on, she and Dexio give the player the Coastal Kalos Pokedex and the Mountain Kalos Pokedex in Coumarine City. In today’s first Pokemon gallery, you will see thirty sexy hentai drawings of Bea, enjoy!