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More Hentai Drawings Of Suzuya From Kantai Collection

Suzuya is Kantai Collection character that fills three roles within the mobile game. Her initial form is a Mogami Class Heavy Cruiser, her Kai and Kai Ni form is a Mogami Class Aviation Cruiser, and her final Kai Ni form is that of a Mogami Class Light Carrier. Suzuya can convert back and forth from her Kai Ni form and her Carrier Kai Ni Form. She speaks very informally and uses a lot of contractions in her game dialog. In both her lines and most fanart, she is quite fond of her sister Kumano. Similar to Haruna, she has a tendency to speak in third-person. In today’s first gallery, you will see thirty more hentai drawings of Suzuya from Kantai Collection.


Thirty Kantai Collection Suzuya Hentai Drawings

And here is our second Kantai Collection hentai gallery of the day just as we promised. This gallery features Suzuya, a Mogami Class Heavy Cruiser, Aviation Cruiser, and Light Carrier that occupies card slots No.124, 129, 303, and 308 within the game. Suzuya wears a brown school uniform, has mint-like colored hair, pale yellow to grey eyes, and large breasts. Suzuya speaks very informally, uses many contractions, and has a tendency to speak in third-person. Suzuya has a convertible Kai Ni form where she can switch between two forms; her normal Aviation Cruiser form or change class to become an Assault Light Carrier. We hope you enjoy these thirty hentai drawings of Suzuya from Kantai Collection and you share this gallery with your friends on social media.


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