Thirty Ecchi Hentai Drawings Of Girls With Swords

Today’s first hentai gallery introduces a new topic to our blog… swords! More specifically, this gallery only contains images of cute girls wielding swords. Swords and other bladed weapons have a long history and hold great symbolic value in Japan. The oldest known swords in Japan are two blades that were sent as a present to queen Himeko from China during Wei-dynasty. It is believed that the art of forging a steel sword came soon after from China and Korea, but the details are unknown. We do know that in the 5th century steel swords were already made in Japan. These were of the straight, single-edged type called chokuto. The method of hardening the steel that is so typical of Japanese swords was first used in 6th century. In today’s first gallery, you will see thirty ecchi hentai pics of girls with deadly swords!