Tiffania Westwood Hentai From The Familiar Of Zero

Tiffania Westwood is a new character who first appears in the Knight of the Two Moons story arc of The Familiar Of Zero. Tiffania has long blonde hair and light blue eyes. At first, she wore a hat to cover her elf ears but after people discovered that she was a half-elf, she stopped wearing her hat. Her large breasts are often called to “debate” by many of the male characters in the series. In the light novels, while Tiffa, at the beginning, was extremely pure, as she gets burned and learns, she slowly becomes more cynical and mindful of others’ suffering and motives, until the point where she can detect other people perving on her. In today’s second gallery, you will see thirty sexy hentai drawings of Tiffania Westwood from The Familiar Of Zero.