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Black Hanekawa Hentai From The Monogatari Series

Black Hanekawa is the “alternate identity” of Tsubasa Hanekawa in the Monogatari series. Black Hanekawa manifests whenever the oddity called the Sawarineko takes over Tsubasa’s body. In contrast to Tsubasa’s more reserved personality, Black Hanekawa is playful, shameless, and rather sharp-tongued. Since Black Hanekawa is simply the Sawarineko assuming control of Tsubasa’s body, she mostly acquires Tsubasa’s physical traits: long hair, a voluptuous figure and a pair of plump breasts. However, the Sawarineko changes some aspects of Tsubasa’s appearance, changing her hair color to a silvery white, her eyes into a golden hue with slit pupils, a pair of cat ears, and a paler complexion. In our first gallery of the day, you will see thirty hentai drawings of Black Hanekawa, enjoy!


More Tsubasa Hanekawa Hentai From The Monogatari Series

In our second Monogatari series gallery of the day, Tsubasa Hanekawa also returns for her second appearance on our blog. She is Koyomi Araragi’s classmate, close friend, and a class representative in Naoetsu Private High School. Tsubasa Hanekawa is a teenage girl with glasses, black hair, purple pupils, large breasts, and a fair complexion. She is stated to be beautiful by Suruga Kanbaru, Hitagi Senjougahara, and Koyomi Araragi. She is almost always seen wearing her Naoetsu Private High School uniform, even outside of school days. In our second Monogatari series gallery of the day, you will see thirty hentai drawings of the beautiful Tsubasa Hanekawa, enjoy!


Thirty Monogatari Hentai Images Of Hanekawa Tsubasa

Of all the characters in the Monogatari universe, none have gone through as many appearance changes as Tsubasa Hanekawa. Starting off in the series, she had long black braided hair and wore a pair of glasses. After being bewitched by an oddity known as “Sawarineko,” Tsubasa became an “alternate self” called Black Hanekawa. Black Hanekawa’s appearance changes her hair color to a silvery white, her eyes into a golden hue with slit pupils, a pair of cat ears. After ridding herself of the Sawarineko, Tsubasa’s appearance changes once again. As the Monogatari series draws to an end, Tsubasa Hanekawa cuts her hair short which has several noticeable streaks of silvery-white, resembling a tiger’s stripes. She also stops wearing glasses and switches to contact lenses.


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