Thirty Hentai Drawings Of Ushio From Kantai Collection

And here is our second Kantai Collection gallery of the day! Ushio is another fleet girl making her debut on the Hentai Pussy Pics blog. Ushio is an Ayanami Class Destroyer that occupies card slot #70 an #207 within the Kancolle card game. She wears a serafuku and black knee-highs. Her cannon is pink, and which has a :3 face upon its top so that looking down at it, the cannon barrels look like ears on a bunny. She tends to behave in a shy and clumsy manner. Her voicework portrays her being quite unsure of herself and very soft-spoken. She also gives off a signature “HYAA!” scream, especially when repeatedly “poked” by the player. Combined with her pink cannon and stickers, she tends to come off as a girly-girl. We hope you enjoy these thirty hentai drawings of Ushio and continue to visit our blog for new Kantai Collection hentai galleries all summer long!