Thirty Hentai Pictures Of Busty Tsubasa Hanekawa

Thirty Monogatari Hentai Images Of Hanekawa Tsubasa

Of all the characters in the Monogatari universe, none have gone through as many appearance changes as Tsubasa Hanekawa. Starting off in the series, she had long black braided hair and wore a pair of glasses. After being bewitched by an oddity known as “Sawarineko,” Tsubasa became an “alternate self” called Black Hanekawa. Black Hanekawa’s appearance changes her hair color to a silvery white, her eyes into a golden hue with slit pupils, a pair of cat ears. After ridding herself of the Sawarineko, Tsubasa’s appearance changes once again. As the Monogatari series draws to an end, Tsubasa Hanekawa cuts her hair short which has several noticeable streaks of silvery-white, resembling a tiger’s stripes. She also stops wearing glasses and switches to contact lenses.

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