More Hentai Drawings Of Ushio From Kantai Collection

Our second returning Kantai Collection character of the day is none other than Ushio! Ushio is an Ayanami Class Destroyer that we last saw back on May 22nd, 2018. Historically, the real-life Ushio took part in many of the IJN’s operations and was one of the extremely few surviving Japanese destroyers of WW2. She is also the only ship that was part of the Japanese Taskforce that attacked Pearl Harbor to survive the war. In game, she tends to behave in a shy and clumsy manner. Her voicework portrays her being quite unsure of herself and very soft-spoken. She also gives off a signature “HYAA!” scream, especially when repeatedly “poked” by the player. Combined with her pink cannon and stickers, she tends to come off as a girly-girl. In today’s second KanColle gallery, you will be treated to thirty more hentai drawings of Ushio, enjoy!

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