Thirty Titillating Hentai Girls In See-Through Wet Clothing

Thirty Titillating Hentai Girls In See Through Wet Clothing

With April comes rain, and with rain comes girls wearing translucent wet clothing!While most clothing turns a darker shade when wet, white fabric actually turns translucent. The secret to it all is index matching. Both the cotton fibers that make up a white T-shirt and the air are pretty transparent. The T-shirt appears white because you get reflection and scattering at each cotton/air interface. You can minimize this effect if you were to wet the cotton down with some liquid that has the same index of refraction as the cotton fibers. Even if the liquid doesn’t EXACTLY match the index of the cotton, it can still make the reflections smaller, rendering the shirt, if not completely transparent, at least translucent and see-through. In today’s first gallery, you will see thirty ecchi hentai drawings of titillating girls wearing see-through wet clothing


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