Thirty Hentai Drawings Of Winry Rockbell From Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist 29

Winry Rockbell is one of the many famous and powerful characters in the Fullmetal Alchemist series. She is a member of the school’s Alpha-Six Division. Her daughter, Kintaro, is called the Pink Panther for his roguish nature. A result of the abuse at the hands of General You, Winry has taken her tragic past and transformed it into her fighting skills. She is presented as the leader of the Orange Road.

She aids the Orange Road and her classmates by providing them with a pair of sunglasses that can keep them from seeing visions, as well as a map that can lead them to their enemies. Winry is one of the more popular and memorable characters of the anime, being the first female student who interacts with Arima in the third season. As a woman who was known for being loud and boisterous, she has brought a kind of gentleness and consideration into the academy that emphasise friendships over alliances. She often defers to Mikoto when it comes to decision making. Winry and her class has not yet experienced anything as far as the hardships that come with living in the real world, but they are assured that they will have plenty of chances to practice their skills if they are diligent enough to master the fundamentals.

Winry’s place in the Orange Road is particularly pivotal. While the others focus on making money and ruling the world, Winry’s main objective in life is to protect the people around her. She had been raised to think of herself as being young and innocent, despite the trauma that she endured when she was younger. Despite her growth as a warrior, her mother places a huge amount of stress on the notion that the best way to make money is to take advantage of the weak. This philosophy influences her training that is taught to her at the beginning of the series. However, she becomes more passionate in helping others, even if it means performing menial tasks like cleaning the gymnasium. Throughout the entire anime, Winry is an example of someone who was able to withstand so much, even if it made it difficult for her to see the future.

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