The Girls Of World Conquest Zvezda Plot Hentai

Thirty World Conquest Zvezda Plot Hentai Porn Drawings

World Conquest Zvezda Plot (Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda) is a Japanese anime series that premiered on January 11th, 2014. The series stars a little girl named Kate Hoshimiya (also known as Lady Venera), who is at the helm of an organization called Zvezda, which has the purpose of World Conquest. One day, main protagonist Asuta Jimon, a middle school boy who ran away from home due to family issues, ends up meeting Kate on the street, and subsequently getting roped into joining Zvezda. However, in order to conquer the world, they must defeat an organization called White Light, which is contracted out by the Japanese Government to defeat Zvezda and put an end to their plots of World Conquest once and for all. In this gallery, you will see thirty hentai drawings of Itsuka Shikabane (Lady Plamya), Kate Hoshimiya (Lady Venera), and Natalia Vasylchenko (Professor Um) from World Conquest Zvezda Plot.

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