Thirty To LOVE-Ru Hentai Drawings Featuring Yui Kotegawa

To LOVE-Ru Hentai Drawings Of Yui Kotegawa

Yui Kotegawa is a secondary female protagonist and Rito’s classmate in the To-Love Ru series. She is the head of the school disciplinary committee. She is a high-strung girl, has a strong tsundere personality, and is very strict against improper behavior. Like most of the other girls in the series, she also becomes a love interest of Rito, although she is more reluctant to admit it to herself than most of them, due to her tsundere personality. Yui has a fit body, average breasts, long black hair, and dark brown eyes. She is often seen with an angry or unpleasant face. In today’s second hentai gallery, you’ll see thirty images of Yui Kotegawa from the To LOVE-Ru series.

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